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Ark Reactor V0.3 - 12.20.15

Module Development - Brew, Feed, and Control

Ark Reactor V0.2 - 5.15.15

Brews batches of probiotics beverages and fertilizers

Ark Board - 10.14.14

Modular sensor board that transmits data wirelessly

Ark Reactor V0.1- 5.17.14

Experimental incubator that controls temperature and light

Doser - 2.23.13

Feed controller used to optimize production of 10,000 gallons of probiotic 'tea' sold to growers

After studying fermentation in agricultural communities around the world, I found myself managing a gorgeous organic farm in Northern California in the summer of 2012. This is where I began developing bioreactors to grow cells and nutrients.

It was fascinating to work with biology and computing at such an advanced level. More suprisingly though, it was a deeply meaningful and moving experience to work so closely with the cycle of life. After that, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to this work.

After multiple iterations, we've developed an open bioreactor that empowers you to grow your own cells. Great for the health conscious home brewer and citizen scientist.

Feel free to reach out and keep in touch!

We're doing a limited release of 20 reactors for $500 each. This will include the base unit, which is 3 modules. The control module, the 1L culture module, and the 10L brew module. Only temperature sensing will be included at this price. For pH, dissolved oxygen, and electrical conductivity that will be extra. We'll include a custom probiotic recipe to brew as well as ingredients so you can go ahead and get started. We'd also like to be super active with you as you start to brew answering whatever questions you may have and making sure it works to your liking.