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Ark Reactor V0.4 - 12.20.15

Module Development - Brew, Feed, and Control

Ark Reactor V0.3 - 5.15.15

Brews 10L batches of probiotic beverages and fertilizers

Ark Board - 10.14.14

Modular sensor board that transmits data wirelessly to mobile app

Ark Reactor V0.2- 5.17.14

Experimental incubator that controls temperature and light

Ark Reactor V0.1 - 2.23.13

Optimized production of 10,000 gallons of probiotic tea sold to growers

After studying fermentation in agricultural communities around the world, I found myself managing a gorgeous organic farm in Northern California in the summer of 2012. This is where I began developing bioreactors to grow cells and nutrients.

It was fascinating to work with biology and computing at such an advanced level. More suprisingly though, it was a deeply meaningful and moving experience to work so closely with the cycle of life. After that, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to this work.

Feel free to reach out and keep in touch!