We're doing a limited release of 20 reactors for $500 per. This will include the base unit and a recipe to brew, including the ingredients. We'd also like to be super active with you as you start to brew answering whatever questions you may have and making sure it works to your liking.

Check out more info here!

Beta Release 5.15.15

Alpha Release 5.17.14

It all started on this gorgeous organic farm in Sebastopol, California. This is where we began developing technology to grow food and cycle nutrients in revolutionary ways. You can see the silver reactor just to the left of the farmhouse.

After 2 years of work and many iterations, we've developed the Ark Reactor, a personal bioreactor that empowers people to grow food and medicine in a new way. This device has immediate and exciting applications to brewing delicious fermented beverages and probiotics.

We've developed a controller that empowers you to customize the Ark to your specific application. If you want to set it and forget it, by all means! Simply load in your ingredients and let the Ark take care of the rest. It will monitor the fermentation and adjust accordingly to ensure a quality brew. However, if you want to run experiments and record your data, you can do that as well!